Due to their sheer size, when tractor trailers and large commercial trucks are involved in auto accidents, they tend to do a lot of damage. Not only is a collision with a large truck likely to total your personal vehicle, it is more likely to result in catastrophic injury to you and anyone riding in your vehicle. Unlike personal vehicles, which are the responsibility of only one person at a time, the person driving, commercial vehicles on the road are always under the immediate responsibility of at least two entities – the driver of the vehicle and the company who operates the vehicle. While this makes lawsuits involving tractor trailers and commercial vehicles more complex, as the victim of a trucking accident, it also gives you more people from whom you may seek compensation.

Other Responsible Parties

The fault of a tractor trailer or commercial vehicle driver in an accident depends upon factors, as does the culpability of the company who owns and operates the truck. If other drivers on the road were the cause of the commercial vehicle hitting you, for instance, the truck driver and trucking company have no liability in the accident. You can still seek compensation, of course, but you will be seeking it from the party responsible for the accident, not the commercial vehicle driver and company. In the event that the crash was caused by faulty parts on the tractor trailer or commercial vehicle, you can seek compensation from the company who manufactured the vehicle or parts that caused the accident.

When the Truck Driver/Trucking Company is at Fault

There are also circumstances in which the truck driver and trucking company are inarguably at fault. If the driver was on the road too long, resulting in driver fatigue, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or disobeying traffic laws (including speeding), the driver alone may be held accountable for the accident. Though it is possible to seek compensation from the company in some circumstances since the company hired the driver.

If the accident was due to poor loading, poor maintenance, lack of training, or unreasonable work schedules, the trucking company has obvious legal responsibility in the matter.

Florida Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney

When you have been in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, you need an attorney who knows from whom you can seek compensation. Gregory McFarlane has experience in helping clients get the compensation they deserve after auto accidents involving commercial vehicles.